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Travis Steffen, author of Viral Hero, is a serial entrepreneur with 7 successful exits (and a few crash-and-burn failures) to his name. As a growth engineer, he specializes in building products that grow themselves.

After nearly a decade of running startups, Travis began to adopt a different way of building products by building the viral loops first, then finding product details that fit inside those structures. After seeing this strategy work, he set a goal to gain a deeper understanding of viral marketing mechanics so he could create a resource to teach founders and growth engineers how to use creative product architecture to grow their companies – rather than burning giant piles of cash. The result is Viral Hero – which has recently also expanded into an agency and accelerator.

Travis currently lives in San Francisco, and serves as the Head of Growth at – which he’s gone on record as saying will be his “viral Mona Lisa”. He also loves poker, Muay Thai, space, fantasy football, cryptocurrency, and a good rack of ribs.

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