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In addition to watching what Viral Panda and Red do next, the first three chapters of Viral Hero are all about teaching some viral marketing basics. Over the course of these chapters, you’ll learn the fundamentals of what viral marketing REALLY is, and why it’s so misunderstood. In addition, you’ll learn how viral marketing has been the secret weapon of some of the fastest-growing companies ever, and how you can engineer virality into your own products to help make your business grow itself.


Chapters 1-3 are all about the fundamentals. Most people have misconceptions of what viral marketing is. You won’t be one of them fter the next three chapters on viral marketing basics. Just like when building a house, you’ll need to build a solid foundation first so it doesn’t crumble later on. Therefore, the fundamentals are arguably the most important things you’ll learn.


You should have already built up a bit of foundational knowledge after reading the first three chapters on viral marketing basics. As a result, you should now be able to see beyond the common misconceptions surrounding the words “viral marketing”, as well as getting a clear picture of the basic fundamentals on how virality works at the product level. In addition, you’re probably starting to see ways your product can leverage virality – but hold that thought.

Next, it’s helpful to learn how some of the world’s top brands use different types of viral marketing to grow. In the next section, we’ll break all 12 viral engines down in detail. You’ll learn why they work, how other brands have utilized them, and most importantly – how you can do the same.

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